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Ludicrous speed

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This is the tramway 26 of the Wiener Linien (public transport in Vienna), rushing through the night with ludicrous speed. Do you remember “Spaceballs“? ;-)

Spaceball One is capable of traveling at four different speeds: sub-light speed, light speed, ridiculous speed, and ludicrous speed. When going into ludicrous speed all crew members must use a seat belt for their own safety. Ludicrous speed results in the ship leaving a trail of plaid, parodying the “warp trail” seen in the first few Star Trek films. (Quote from Wikipedia)

Tramway 26

A theory about prostheses

Artificial add-ons for the human body

A fork is a prosthesis. Did you ever think about that? Technically a lot of things are prostheses (artificial replacements/add-ons).

This is a prosthesis aka fork

How can we define a prosthesis?

A prosthesis is a gadget that functions as a replacement or as an add-on for (a part of) the human body which gives a human being the ability to do things that wouldn’t be possible without the gadget.

Not only artificial limbs fall in that category. Nearly everything we are using each and every day is an artificial add-on (at least from a technical point of view). Like what? Eyeglasses, forks, cars, winter jackets, cell phones, computers, glasses, elevators, toothpicks, knifes, even toilet paper.

How would you feel without a spoon?

It’s not common to call these things prostheses or artificial replacements. But they are. Imagine a life without these things. Try eating without cutlery for example. How do you feel? Maybe some kind of “amputated”?

What do you think? Do you have other examples? Please post it as a comment.

Austria vs Sweden – 0:1

Blue glasses

I spoted this nice blue lighting in a display cabinet at the XXXLutz in Floridsdorf.

Blue wine glasses

We were there to have a look for a couch. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything that corresponded with what we had in mind. So it seems like there’s nothing else for it but to purchase the couch we saw at the Swedes.

XXXLutz in Vienna (Floridsdorf)

Pink shot in the morning, healthy doping in the evening

This morning started with some crazy pink clouds over the Kahlenberg (to the left) and the Leopoldsberg (right). Well, clouds again … How many pictures will there be this year with clouds? It seems like it will be a lot as January already features three posts with clouds.

Pink clouds over Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg (Vienna)

And I believe there will be a lot of pictures of Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg as this is my first view in the morning when looking out of the window. So expect some more pictures of these two “mountains” (actually hills) throughout the year. Kahlenberg in winter, Kahlenberg in spring, Kahlenberg in summer and Kahlenberg in autumn. Let’s see if I can create some more exciting pictures of it over the following months.


Yummy vitamins

I had some vegetables for dinner to compensate my body for the fat roast pork I ate for lunch. Just kidding. My project health is proceeding really well and I’m also on schedule with my work out at Holmes Place. My order of anabolic steroids has not yet arrived but I expect it to come in at any moment. ;-)

Yummy vitamins

The 150 Megapixel royalty free stock image give away

15,000 x 10,000 pixel for free

Yes, you read that right. I am giving away a 150 Megapixel image for free.

[ Click here for the DOWNLOAD ]

I took this image of an USB plug with a macro lens on my SLR (Single Lens Reflex camera). To ensure the maximum image quality, I took the image in RAW (CR2) and processed it in Photoshop.

150 Megapixels for free (download it)

Durst Lambda laser printer = high end image quality

I am a big fan of XL Lambda-Prints (aka type C prints). The printer (Lambda) typically used for XL-prints is produced by Durst Phototechnik AG. The Durst Lambda laser printer is state-of-the-art as regards professional image printing. There is no better way to print your image like a pro.

Why 150 megapixel?

The Durst Lambda laser printer can handle media (paper, backlit, clear film, flex media) up to a width of 127 centimeters (50 inches). So this is the maximum width of an image you can print at once. The length is just limited by the length of the media (for example a 20 meter roll of high gloss paper).

I optimized my USB plug picture for exactly a width of 127 cm and got a length of 190.5 cm (75 inches). This is the maximum size an image with an aspect ratio of 3:2 can be printed on a Durst Lambda at 200 ppi (2,000 dpi). Finally this resulted in a 150 megapixel image (15,000 x 10,000).

150 Megapixel

600 megapixel

If you would like to print the image at 400 ppi (4,000 dpi) – which is the maximum of the Durst Lambda – you would get 600 megapixel (30,000 x 20,000). But to do that you would need a really great image quality and in most “normal” cases it’s absolutely unnecessary to print at such a high resolution.

What can we do with an image of this size? A lot of course. Billboards, posters, or big covers are just a few of the possibilities that come to my mind. Do you have other ideas?

Cold hard cash

Images of this size are normally sold for several hundred Euro, if not for thousands (depends on the motif, the quality and the intended use of course). But after finishing the image, I decided to give it away for free to my readers and publish it under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to use the image for whatever you want but make sure that you follow the Creative Commons 3.0 license I selected for it. Check out the full license for further details.


You can download the 150 megapixel image as a zipped JPG-file at this link: (31 MB)

Please let me know what you think about the image and if you use(d) it. Post your comments below or contact me directly. Interested in more free megapixel images? Or are you interested in buying some (exclusively)? Any questions? Whatever it is I am looking forward to your comment.