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In 2007 I managed to nourish myself mainly on healthy food (lots of vegetables, fruits and low fat but high protein dishes) but during the Xmas-holidays I slackened the reins a bit on myself. ;-) Well, it’s hard to say no to the delicious dishes my mum prepares at Xmas. Let alone the biscuits, cakes, cookies, vanilla cornets and so on. Exquisite but definitely too much sugar.

In Paris I also didn’t abstain from delicious but high calory local dishes. But it’s not just about the calories. It’s also the ingredients like vitamins and so on. High sugar dishes often are very low at vitamins. Bad, bad, very bad. So my plan for 2008 is to get back into my healthy diet.

I love shrimps and mozarella

To get started with ‘project health’, I prepared a shrimp salad today.

shrimp salad by ZZZ

Green salad, lettuce, tomatoes, yellow paprika, cucumber, mozarella, shrimps, pepper, chili, pumpkin seed oil, vinegar and some wholemeal bread. Yummy and healthy. 2008 will be a great and very healthy year! :-)

shrimp salad by ZZZ

What are you eating to nourish yourself healthy? And what are your plans for 2008? Let me know in the comments! :-)

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