Ahhh, the good old ‘Hack and slash’ games

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Do you remember Wolfenstein 3D?

Some time ago (when I was still young ;-) ) – I was a video game addict. Almost every minute of my spare time was used to play video games. It was the time of

just to name a few. I also used to play a lot of arcade games and this is where my gamer/nick name ‘ZZZ’ comes from. If you made it into the highscore tables you had to enter your name and in a lot of these arcade games there was room for just three letters. Simply entering the first letter of my surname three times did it for me. I am still using it today even though you can use many more than three letters.

Getting older

Over the years my addiction flattened a bit and my time was used for other things. Just every now and then I got the time for some gaming. In 2007 unfortunately there was even less time for enjoying a good video game. I think it get’s less and less over the years.

Change is on it’s way

During our gaming session with Karin and Markus I once again acquired a taste for video games. It was like handing an alcohol addict a glass of wine. ;-) Looking through my Playstation 2 games collection I came across ‘Gauntlet Dark Legacy‘ a ‘hack and slash‘-game we started to play some time ago but never finished it. Perfect! Let’s get it on! :-)

Gauntlet Dark Legacy - a great game for Playstation 2

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a sequel to the original Gauntlet I played back at the end of the 80′s (or was it the beginning of the 90′s?) on an Amiga 500. Thanks to Josch for all the funny afternoons with his Amiga! Although the Amiga 500 was a great thing, my Atari Mega ST 2 was even better! ;-)

Let’s slay some monsters! ;-)

In Gauntlet Dark Legacy you (and up to three teammates) can choose between different player characters (wizard, sorceress, knight, valkyrie, warrior, dwarf, archer and jester) and give them a name of your choice. Then you are off to explore the virtual world of Gauntlet, fight thousands of monsters, collect special items and prepare for the final fight against Garm. If you are interested in the full story, you can find it at the wikipedia-page of Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening with the game. :-) It’s really fun to play (particularly in a team) and it got me going again with my video game addiction. Ok, I’m off now for some gaming action!

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