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The 268 picture puzzle

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Time for some picture puzzle. What/where is this? And NO: answers like “it’s a number” or “268″ do not count. Don’t even think about it. ;-)

268 - What is it?

If you want to see the picture in a bigger version, feel free to download it from my Flickr-account. The prize for the correct answer is ‘(15 minutes of) fame‘. ;-) That means I will post about the fact that you knew the answer and will give you some link love – i.e. a link to your website, flickr-account, or whatever you have online (no adult or offensive sites!).


The first one with the correct answer wins. If there are no answers at all (as this site was just started and does not yet have much traffic) or just wrong answers until January 15th 11:59 PM, I will keep the fame for myself. ;-)

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