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Pizza and Kebab at it’s best

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The best pizza and kebab stand I know, is located at the ‘Schwedenplatz’ in Vienna. The Schwedenplatz is near the Donaukanal. Maybe someone should start an english Wikipedia-article about the Schwedenplatz (this link goes to the german version) so I can link there.

I have no problem with linking to Wikipedia at all, but don’t you just hate it too, that almost every keyword you enter in Google, returns a Wikipedia-page? Is there nothing useful out there except Wikipedia? Anyway, here is the picture:

Pizza and Kebab at the Schwedenplatz


I like lingering around at the Schwedenplatz because there are always lots of people and a lot of interesting things to spot. Even at 3 o’clock in the morning you can find a dozen people waiting for their pizza or sitting around on the benches. Do they even close the stand sometime? I have never seen that myself.

I believe this pizza stand is the biggest one in Vienna. Seven years ago it was just a small unimpressive stand, but as they have one of the best spots in town they became bigger and bigger each year. Last year they even bought the hot dog/sausage stand next to them and expanded their stand.

The Schwedenplatz is a big subway station where two main subway routes (U1 and U4) meet each other. Additionally there are tramway and bus stops. This is probably the main reason for selling oodles of pizza and doner kebab. The fact that the district around the Schwedenplatz has a lot of well known bars and pubs helps too. And not to forget about the great taste. :-)

No pizza today

Even though the pizza is really great there, I didn’t eat one today, as I am trying to get back into a healthy diet. It’s okay to eat pizza and kebab every now and then but if this is your main diet, you have a problem or you will get one sooner or later. Why can’t pizza have lots of vitamins like fruits and vegetables? ;-)