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An Unreal evening with Heineken

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Gaming fun with Markus

We had a few Heineken while finishing off some enemies in Unreal Tournament 2003. Of course we were UNSTOPPABLE! ;-) Thanks for the great teamwork soldier W. Mission accomplished! :-)

By the way: Markus solved the picture puzzle. He was the first (and last so far) who commented and he knew the answer. Check the comment section of The 268 picture puzzle for the solution and please clap your hands for Markus! So this is the fame you deserve Markus! CONGRATULATIONS! :-)

Heineken cans

Heineken states on their cans that they are “proud sponsor of the UEFA Champions League“. Why don’t you just try to be proud of sponsoring my blog Heineken? ;-) Hey, it would be enough (as a start) to let us have a six pack or two for our next gaming session. :-) Maybe I should ask Heineken in Austria if they would let us have some stuff for our evenings. That would be REALLY cool! Let’s see … ;-)


The girls were chit-chatting and exchanging Xmas-presents (they haven’t seen each other at Christmas). Tami – as ever when posing for a photo – presenting the intellectual part of her personality. ;-)

Which version do you like more, color or black and white?

Tami in her intellectual pose [color version]

Tami in her intellectual pose [b/w version]