Holmes Place vs Fight Club

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Decide for yourself


A guy came to fight club for the first time, his ass was a wad of cookie dough. After a few weeks, he was carved out of wood. I felt sorry for all the guys packing into gyms, trying to look like what Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger said they should.

Tyler Durden:

Self-improvement is masturbation. Self-destruction is the answer.

Holmes Place Lifestyle Club (Kaiserwasser) in Vienna

Is there a Fight Club in Vienna, so I can quit Holmes Place? ;-)

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2 Responses to “Holmes Place vs Fight Club”

  1. 1 Xenon

    What kind of club is this?
    Looks a litte bit to …clean(?)… for a fight club? :-)

  2. 2 vizzzual

    Looks clean because it’s no fight club. It’s a fitness club. I am looking for a fight club to quit this fitness club. ;-)

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