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A beautiful day with vapor trails all over the sky

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It was a really nice and bright sunday, with blue sky, vapor trails and some white clouds.

The sky is the limit

Take a shower in the golden hour 

The evening light was even greater than day light. I took these shots at the SMZ Ost Donauspital, a hospital in the 22nd district of Vienna. This time of the day is not called golden hour for nothing. :-) But please don’t get confused and mistake “golden hour” for “golden shower“. Even though there are similarities in color. ;-)

If you have golden shower hour photos taken by yourself, please feel free to post them (or some links to them) in the comments.


We are looking south here where you can see the Schneeberg at the horizon, the hydroelectric power station Freudenau in the middle and the radio tower (150 meters) at the Arsenal in the 3rd district of Vienna (rightmost).

Sunset behind the Schneeberg