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Kentucky Fried Chipmunks

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It was rush hour when I took this picture at the Schwedenplatz. There was some rain and hail which lead to some nice headlamp reflections on the wet cobblestones.

Traffic jam at the Schwedenplatz

Deep fried Chipmunks please!

Later we’ve been to Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Donauzentrum while waiting for our film to begin. Finally we managed to see Alvin and the Chipmunks in the german version after we had seen the french version in Paris. Even though we did not understand much in french, the movie was a lot better back then. ;-) Surprisingly it was even a bit different. One or two scenes were completely missing in the german version and one scene was exactly the same – as regards content – but it was filmed from a totally different point of view.

Why are there differences in an american movie between the french and the german version? I can understand that scenes are missing if it’s a bloodthirsty movie and the laws according to the proctection of minors are different in two countries. But this was Alvin and the Chipmunks! No blood, no horror, but still scenes missing or shown from a different point of view. 8-O

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

FFF – Fat Fast Food

KFC was tasty, but as the name already states, everything there is fried. And that’s definitely too much saturated fat! :-( The alternative would have been Burger King and that’s even worse in my opinion. ;-) Is there any healthy fast food available ANYWHERE? :-?

Escalator and stairs at the Donauzentrum (Vienna)