Archive for January 23rd, 2008

My new viZZZual keyboard

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Finally I received my new keyboard. It’s now much easier to concentrate on the really important stuff when writing. ;-)

My new viZZZual keyboard


Microsoft always seemed a bit unreal to me with all the bugs in their OS (=operating system). Now here’s the proof that there’s something unreal going on. Maybe that’s all they are doing all day. Playing UT. ;-)

Microsoft staff likes to play Unreal Tournament

This reminds me of playing some Unreal Tournament 2003 by myself. Time for some gaming action again. And by the way, I am really looking forward to play Unreal Tournament 3, the new version of the game which was released at the end of 2007. Unfortunately I would have to buy a completely new PC for this game as my old one is far to slow to handle the graphics. :-(

Sponsor wanted!

I am now officially looking for a generous sponsor who is willing to finance my gaming addiction. I am ready to talk about trade-offs, just contact me any time! :twisted: