Archive for January 25th, 2008

A shocking discovery in the subway

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This shoe was willfully set adrift by an unscrupulous child. If you happen to see a child with only one shoe, please inform your nearest police station. The kid is wanted by the police for several other crimes against humanity. If YOU are the child who set adrift this shoe: Please surrender to the police! Crime doesn’t pay.

Poor little baby is bare-footed now

I do not have a green thumb

Or was it all my old flat’s fault? I had several plants during the last years and I managed to kill every single one of them. Well, my old flat was actually no flat, it was a dungeon. Try to viZZZualize a room with (almost) no natural light and about 9 degree Celsius in winter. I hardly managed to survive in there. So which plants could have survived that? Maybe moss? I even killed several cactuses. That’s saying something! Cactuses are very tough but they didn’t stand a chance.

Shadow of my lovely green plant

Today is watering day

But wait, there’s hope! The plant on this picture is still alive. And it’s tough as hell. Not because the environment is cold and/or has no light. No, this time I am willfully trying to kill it. Since about one year I try to finish it off by a combination of not watering it for weeks until it’s dry as a bone and then suddenly filling it with water trying to drown it. Without effect. This green little bastard is laughing at me. But that’s all right. At least I have a hobby. ;-)

Drowning my lovely green plant