Pink shot in the morning, healthy doping in the evening

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This morning started with some crazy pink clouds over the Kahlenberg (to the left) and the Leopoldsberg (right). Well, clouds again … How many pictures will there be this year with clouds? It seems like it will be a lot as January already features three posts with clouds.

Pink clouds over Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg (Vienna)

And I believe there will be a lot of pictures of Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg as this is my first view in the morning when looking out of the window. So expect some more pictures of these two “mountains” (actually hills) throughout the year. Kahlenberg in winter, Kahlenberg in spring, Kahlenberg in summer and Kahlenberg in autumn. Let’s see if I can create some more exciting pictures of it over the following months.


Yummy vitamins

I had some vegetables for dinner to compensate my body for the fat roast pork I ate for lunch. Just kidding. My project health is proceeding really well and I’m also on schedule with my work out at Holmes Place. My order of anabolic steroids has not yet arrived but I expect it to come in at any moment. ;-)

Yummy vitamins

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  1. 1 Xenon

    hmm…pink :-)
    like sugar cotton wool ;-)

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