A theory about prostheses

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Artificial add-ons for the human body

A fork is a prosthesis. Did you ever think about that? Technically a lot of things are prostheses (artificial replacements/add-ons).

This is a prosthesis aka fork

How can we define a prosthesis?

A prosthesis is a gadget that functions as a replacement or as an add-on for (a part of) the human body which gives a human being the ability to do things that wouldn’t be possible without the gadget.

Not only artificial limbs fall in that category. Nearly everything we are using each and every day is an artificial add-on (at least from a technical point of view). Like what? Eyeglasses, forks, cars, winter jackets, cell phones, computers, glasses, elevators, toothpicks, knifes, even toilet paper.

How would you feel without a spoon?

It’s not common to call these things prostheses or artificial replacements. But they are. Imagine a life without these things. Try eating without cutlery for example. How do you feel? Maybe some kind of “amputated”?

What do you think? Do you have other examples? Please post it as a comment.

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4 Responses to “A theory about prostheses”

  1. 1 Grueny

    Hi ZZZ!

    A live without a cutlery which is made of steel is like walking around with slitted eyes.

    I great comparison, I know. :-)


  2. 2 vizzzual

    Hey Grüny!
    Thanks for your comment! Yes, really great comparison! ;-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. 3 Xenon

    Well the blade is on of the greatest inventions ever made.
    but i wouldn´t call a fork a prosthesis…
    “a tool” will fit, you may eat without a fork but you maybe will burn your fingers.
    Without a fork, spoon etc. we will feel “amputated”, thats true…but this is only because we are so “civilizated” today…we “need” our forks, Tv´s, cars and tactical nuclear warheads to “have a normal living”.
    …at least most of us think this way…
    If you have seen the movie “hostel” – there is a VERY interesting scene about the point “eating without a fork”.
    A guy sitting in a train talks to young students, explaining them that eating without a fork give you “respect” for the animal you are eating. It died to feed you. Well – I think it´s worth thinking about this.

    Another interesting thing to do:
    Take a week or two and just only buy the food you eat and the things you need to survive.
    no luxery – just hunter and collector style.

    Ok, enough psyco-chat for now!
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  1. 1 This is a prosthesis aka fork

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