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This screenshot saved my Project 366

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No photo today

I did not take a picture with a camera today. But I still managed to stay within my rules for my Project 366.

We came home late today and I had not yet taken a photo on this day. I thought of taking it right away but stupidly decided to take the image after dinner. Unfortunately it was already after midnight when I finished dinner. Damn! :-(

But after the initial shock of thinking that I failed with my project, I realized that my rules state “take a picture a day”. The rules do not state “a photo a day”.

Fortunately I took a screenshot today and a screenshot is a picture. So I’m within my rules. Wow, that was close. ;-) In the future I will try to take a (safety) photo in the morning already, so things like that can’t happen again. Or should I take a screenshot each and every day? No, I don’t think so.

Here is the screenshot that saved my project. I had to blur a part of it as this is sensitive information about a world wide conspiracy. Sorry, it’s top secret illuminati stuff, not for your eyes! ;-)

Top Secret Illuminati Stuff Screenshot