This really has to come to an end

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Once again I forgot to take a photo today. And it’s monday again. Why is it that I forget about this? Am I not focused enough on my Project 366? The only thing that saved me again was this screenshot. But I hate being saved by screenshots. :-(


The next post will let you know why I blured this screenshot. No top secret illuminati stuff this time. ;-) But you should not yet know what’s going on.

Any ideas how I can focus myself on this project and prevent forgetting to take a photo? :-(

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8 Responses to “This really has to come to an end”

  1. 1 Grueny

    I think I know quit exactly what the screenshot shows because yesterday I had a short meeting with your mum next to the soup cubes in the supermarket. :-)


  2. 2 vizzzual

    I’m sure you know it if you met my mum. ;-) Did you buy some soup cubes? *g*

  3. 3 Grueny

    Yeah! :-) No, I bought no soup cubes, I but only 3 Cola-Tins and 1 Red-Bull-Tin.

    see you

  4. 4 Xenon

    …Any ideas how I can focus myself on this project and prevent forgetting to take a photo? ….

    Hmmm – maybe you should take your camera with you everywhere you go and set a timer on it, wich takes a picture every hour? :-)

    @grueny … you mix cola with red bull?
    maybe better stick with your soup cubes ;-)
    how about soup-cube – redbull
    THE new party drink ;-)
    (got to try this out *g*)

  5. 5 vizzzual

    Xenon: Fantastic idea! (the camera thing AND the soup-cube + red bull mix) :-)

  6. 6 Xenon

    I just wanted to try it out (Redbull&Soupcube)
    REALLY – no kidding!
    …but then I saw that I´m out of Soupcubes !!! dammit!

    soupcubes ->

  7. 7 Xenon

    soupcubes -> (

    …i just forgot not to mess to much with > and < in forums like this … :-)

  8. 8 vizzzual

    Keep us posted what it tastes like. Maybe you can bridge a gap in the market with this drink. ;-)

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