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Benvenuti a Venezia

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Time to disclose the “secret” behind yesterday’s screenshot. It was a screenshot of the Vienna International Airport website as we have been to Venice (Italy) from Tuesday to Thursday. My sweetheart invited me to celebrate Valentine’s Day there. Who else has a girlfriend who gives presents on Valentine’s Day instead of expecting some? I can count myself lucky! :-)


Treviso is not the official airport of Venice

About noon we got on our plane (SkyEurope) to Treviso. No-frills airlines like SkyEurope like to call the airport “Venice Treviso” to make people think they are going directly to Venice. In fact, Treviso is not the official Airport of Venice – Marco Polo is the official one. It takes about one hour by shuttle bus to go from Treviso to Venice.

Don’t trust a Brazilian

In Venice, we were the last ones who got out of the bus. We had left Treviso with both of our two suitcases and two suitcases were still remaining in the luggage space of the bus but unfortunately one of them wasn’t ours. One of our suitcases was missing and we stood there with the suitcase of an unknown brazilian girl (according to the address label) who had mixed up the luggage and took one of ours’.

Luckily we had a mobile phone number on the address label of our suitcase so this crazy brasilian chick was able to call us. It took her all the way from the bus stop to her hotel until she noticed her mistake. About four hours after we arrived in Venice we finally met with Beatriz B.P. and got our suitcase back. She denied when asked if she’s drunk but I’m still not sure if she wasn’t lying. ;-)

Thanks anyway Beatriz

Amazingly this incident also had one positive aspect. Namely this wonderful sunset. If Beatriz hadn’t mixed up the suitcases, we would have been somewhere else at this moment and wouldn’t be able to see this beautiful scene.

Sunset at Venice (Italy)