Piazza San Marco, Gondola and fine dining near Rialto Bridge

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Our full day in Venice started with a great breakfast at our hotel in Lido. We had a full view of the laguna and Venice from the breakfast room. Even a Greek ferry passed by.

Piazza San Marco

Actually we wanted to visit the St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) on our first day. But we had to change our plans because of the suitcase incident. So the first sight we visited today was Piazza San Marco where we visited St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco a Venezia) and feeded some doves in front of it. There were hundreds even perhaps thousands of these dirty and distasteful birds. Why don’t they sell poison there instead of corn? That would solve the problem. At least for me. ;-)


On our walk straight through Venice we passed a gondolier who invited us on a trip with his gondola for only EUR 80,-. ;-) After haggling for a few minutes we had him down to EUR 50,- and started the trip through the small canals. It was a really nice and romantic tour where we came across the former houses of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova Albanase de Seingalt and Marco Polo. I really recommend doing a gondola tour should you ever go to Venice.

Door at a canal in Venice

gondola with gondolier

Canal Grande and Rialto Bridge

We crossed the Canal Grande and had a really great lunch at a lovely restaurant with a perfect view of the Rialto Bridge. We were seated next to the water and enjoyed the sun while drinking white wine and waiting for our meal.

Canal Grande - Venice (Italy)

Rialto Bridge

A great lunch in Venice

The sauted mussels (“Cozze alla marinara”) were a perfect starter and were only surpassed by the main dish, king prawns with herbs (“Gamberoni alle erbe aromatiche”). Their taste was indescribable. Even “delicious” and “exquisite” are only auxiliary descriptions for this dish. :-)

king prawns - Gamberoni alle erbe aromatiche

The mussels in Venice fortunately were as good as the mussels in Paris.

sauted mussels

Venice Fast Food

In contrast to these delicious dishes you can also visit McDonald’s in Venice. If you should feel like eating some fast food.

McDonalds in Venice (Italy)

Eyes Wide Shut

The owner of this shop (La Bottega Dei Mascareri) is one of Venice’s most famous mask makers. His masks have been featured in the movie Eyes Wide Shut and in many other Hollywood motion pictures.

La Bottega Dei Mascareri

Horrible prices

Sitting in a café at St. Mark’s Square is a great thing and the view at St. Mark’s Basilica is grandiose. Even though the prices are crazy to say the least. A cup of coffee costs EUR 8.50, a Spritz (white wine, mineral water and Aperol) EUR 10.10 and one beer (0.5 liters) EUR 12,-. 8-O That’s absolutely mad when compared to the prices in Vienna – coffee: ca. EUR 2.60, beer: ca. EUR 3.50.

In fact, these are the prices for tourists. Locals get a different menu with cheaper prices. But it’s hard to pretend being a local if you aren’t able to speak Italian. ;-)

Caffé Lavena (Venice, San Marco)

San Marco

Some more impressions of Venice

a house in Venice

blue sky in Venice

decorated well

a church in Venice

canal with gondolas

canal in Venice at night

Masks in Venice

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9 Responses to “Piazza San Marco, Gondola and fine dining near Rialto Bridge”

  1. 1 Grueny

    Whew!! Venice seems to be an expensive place. EUR 50,– for a trip with a boat without motor is a bad joke. :-)

    And EUR 12,– for a little fine nice beer is really a cheek! :-(

    Thanks a lot for the nice pictures!


  2. 2 Xenon

    And I always thought paris is very expensive …
    (prices there: Austrian x 2 …minimum)
    …but 12 Euro for a beer …
    perhaps they dont want drunken tourists :-)
    The pictures are awesome-like always … maybe i´ll visit venice too.

  3. 3 Sauga

    I was already in the cafe near Rialto-Bridge in 2002. I almost got a heart-attack when they brought the bill for our two cafe. Later we ate lunch in a pizzeria in a small side street. They had acceptable prizes even though it was carneval weekend.
    Very good pictures as usual. Congratulations.

  4. 4 Sauga

    I experienced the feeling standing on deck of one of this huge ferrys on a sunny, warm august afternoon in 1997 going to Corfu/greece for diving. Its real fantastic seeing all the famous tourist spots from onboard and the size of the ferrys is incredible. They can load more than 600 cars or 150 truck & 100 cars and more than 2000 passengers. Some models even more. If anyone of you wants to go to greece by car or motorbike, use one of this ferrys its worth every single cent. And by the way its much safer, faster and more relaxing than using the road going to greece.

  5. 5 vizzzual

    The prices are really crazy in Venice. Our lunch and coffee break was more expensive than the flight to Venice. :-O
    I am really wondering how these big ferrys can pass through this small laguna between Venice and Lido. I couldn’t believe that the water is deep enough for these ships. :-O
    Sauga, concerning your hymn of praise for ferrys: May I remind you of the ferry that goes from Italy to Tunisia? If I remember that right, you had some “problems” because of heavy seas and high waves. Didn’t you see your breakfast a second time there? ;-)

  6. 6 sauga

    Yes, you are right about that story with the ferry to Tunisia, but there were some big differences. First: It was 25th december and just some hundred meters out of the harbor in Genoa (Genua/Genova-Italy) we already had waves that were higher than the biggest wave we saw all the way down to greece. Later that night and the following day we experienced a heavy winter storm producing waves that you normaly only see in catastrophe-movies. Second: The ferry with name “Habib” was smaller. Third: I didnt use any sea sickness prophylaxis. Forth: Our cabine was far from the center of the boat (normaly the center of a boat is the best place against sea sickness). Fifth: EVERYBODY on board was sea-sick (except the captain maybe), everybody was vomiting and all flush-lavatroys were full and clogged !! (imagine the smell !!) Sixth: There were sliding doors on every cabine and because of the high waves they permanently openend and closed with a heavy noise, so sleeping was impossible. So I was sea-sick for almost 24 hours. Think the ferry “Habib” was named after the tunisian president Habib Bourguiba, who was president from 1957 to 1987, he was born 3rd august 1903 and died 6th april 2000. Some years ago I heard they replaced this ferry by a bigger and more modern boat.I dont know if the “good” old Habib is still in use somewhere or already scrapped. If anybody knows that, please let me know.

  7. 7 vizzzual

    I think I don’t WANT to imagine the smell! ;-)

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  2. 2 iOffer

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