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Ciao Venezia, alla prossima volta!

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Getting back from our trip to Venice

On our way to the airport we came across San Marco for the last time. You can see the Doge’s Palace on this picture and the two columns at St. Mark’s Square.

Good bye Venice, see you next time! :-)

Doge\'s Palace at St. Mark\'s Square

Laguna in Venice

SkyEurope = mean

You don’t get anything for free on a SkyEurope flight. No drinks, no meal, no newspapers, no TV, n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Well, actually, you get something. Czech Stewardesses who hardly speak english.

Astonishingly other no-frills airlines like FlyNiki and AirBerlin serve free drinks, sandwiches and newspapers. Why is it, that SkyEurope is that mean but the flights are not cheaper than FlyNiki/AirBerlin? :-(

SkyEurope Plane