Cocktails at Nightfly’s Club and Alcazar

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Tonight we went out to dine with my parents and to have some drinks with them. At first we went to some asian grillhouse but the food there was only reasonably eatable.

Nightfly’s Club

To forget this dinner disappointment (it was one for me at least) we went to Nightfly’s were whe had booked a table. Nightfly’s is a great cocktail bar in the first district of Vienna. It’s dark, calm and has a very relaxed atmosphere. Simply perfect for a cocktail bar.

Nightfly\'s Club - a cocktail bar in Vienna (Austria)

We had a ChiChi, two Bahama Mamas, a White Cloud and a White Russian. After tasting our drinks we agreed that they are great and perfectly mixed.

Alcazar is not what it used to be

Later we went to Alcazar, a club which used to be a great cocktail bar too. At least it was last time we went there about three years ago. Now it’s more some kind of mid-level club and not especially a cocktail bar. Drunken guys running around with beer bottles, much too loud music and much too bright lighting. This is not the cocktail bar anymore we liked and used to go to. :-(

Well, the Swimming Pool is still big (about double the size of other cocktail bars) and tastes good. That’s the only positive thing we noticed there.

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