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Top 7 reasons to chop off someone’s foot

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7. Your fridge is empty but you need something to put into your soup

Recipe for a foot soup (boil at least for one hour):

  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 foot (remove toenails and warts)
  • salt and pepper according to your own taste

Top 7 reasons to chop off someone\'s foot

6. You need a paper weight

Beware: This may leave some red stains.

5. To get the other person a high paying job

Watch Jabberwocky for more details about this great job.

4. You need something to throw for your dog to fetch.

Additional advantage: You don’t need to feed your dog on this day.

3. You can kick him, but he can’t kick back

Watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

It’s just a flesh wound! (Black Knight)

And by the way:

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

What do you mean, an African or European Swallow?

2. Your extraordinary sexual likings force you to do it because you love to have sex with amputees

Listen to Ampeauty (Pungent Stench) for more info concerning this extremely interesting (but disgusting in my opinion) topic.

1. You are hard of hearing

Your spouse watches TV and yells: “Get your ass out of the house and bring me some food!”

Sidenote: The other day my colleague noted that my postings are too normal and trivial. If you want to thank Oliver for the fact that I wrote this post please feel free to do so in the comments below. ;-)

The Jolly Joker strikes back

Jolly Joker

Pink flowers

My sweetheart got these flowers from my mum. The blossoms were still closed but after a few days they opened and bursted into bloom. :-)


SanDisk memory card pouch

SanDisk is a company which produces memory cards (SD, Compact Flash …) for e.g. digital cameras. They offer the best quality and the fastest cards.

Some time ago I tried memory cards of other companies but they were not as safe (I had several issues with lost pictures etc.) and not as fast as SanDisk cards. If SanDisk continues to deliver such a great quality I think I will never again buy memory cards of other firms.

SanDisk memory card pouch

Infos about SanDisk on Wikipedia

A hunter’s knife

This is the haft of a knive I got from my parents about two years ago. They visited the workshop of the cutler who fabricates these knives. The haft is made of stag’s horn and the blade is as sharp as a razor blade.

Knife made of horn

Saint Hubertus

The picture of a stag with a cross between the antlers refers to Saint Hubertus (bishop Hubert von Maastricht-Tongern-Lüttich) who lived from 655 to 727 in France and Belgium. He is the patron saint of hunters and riflemen.

Apostle of the Ardennes

The legend states that Hubertus lost his wife at the birth of his first child. He tried to forget his grief and sorrow by spending time in the woods and by hunting. One day he saw a stag with a cross between the antlers. He decided to devote his life to God because of this incident. Shortly after he was ordained priest. The rest of his life was devoted to the Christianization of the people in the Ardennes. That’s why he was also called “Apostle of the Ardennes”.