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BMW Z4 Roadster

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Today I came across this BMW Z4 Roadster. I don’t really like the Z4 (I would never buy one), but I like the reflection on the hood.

BMW Z4 Roadster

Another food related post

I already had many food related posts this year. And it have been only three months up to now. 8O

So what! Here they are, all (?) posts with food/drink related pictures from January to March 2008:

And here’s another food related picture. My dinner on March 31st, 2008 A.C.:

Dinner on 31st March 2008

Remains of Easter and a fleshy dinner

I know I’m a bit late, but: Happy Easter! ;-)

Happy (late) Easter!

A delicious and fleshy dinner. And another great knife I got from my dad. :-) You know, that I am addicted to knives, don’t you? Proof: knife 1, knife 2. There will be many more this year, I’m sure. :)

Fleshy dinner

Me, my shelf and I

Books, maps, folders, card and board games (e.g. Candamir, Thurn and Taxis …) on my shelf.

Shelf with books

Down the drain pt. 2

Do you remember pt. 1?

Down the drain pt. 2