I am pro Longevity Research

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Scott Wainner has an interesting article about Longevity Research on his blog wrevenue.com (“double your revenue”).

Aging is a disease, like any other. Our cells are programmed by nature to decay and to divide only a finite number of times. This doesn’t have to be a certainty – we are advanced biological machines, and this is an engineering and science problem that can and will eventually be overcome.

I agree with Scott. We should try to “cure” aging. It should be possible for everyone (except the persons that I can’t stand of course ;-) ) to choose how long to live. Take some pills and everything’s fine. Or exchange worn out organs or extremities for artificial ones (prostheses) that last forever and a day. I want to decide how long I live and how I live. Give me the possibility to do so! I support Longevity Research. Do you?

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