Answer this question and make some fast money

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Another picture puzzle.

If you know exactly what this is (the white thing in the middle) you get 20 Euro (USD 30,-) in cold hard cash right out of my pocket into your waiting hand. I’ll give it to you in person, via snail mail or via Paypal.

Just post your answer as a comment below. The first person with the correct answer gets the money. If their’s no correct answer until the 1st of April, I keep the money and squander it at my favourite pub. ;)

WTF is this?

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8 Responses to “Answer this question and make some fast money”

  1. 1 markus

    my first presumption is “acarian”. its maybe on a skin. I know it’s the right answer to your question. so, where could I post my account number? ;)

  2. 2 Sauga

    This is not an acarian Markus, you cant see acarians without using a microscope. I think its the shell of a clothes-moth, but I´m not really sure, I still wait for the answers of my friend, who is an expert for beetles and spiders.

  3. 3 Xenon

    dont know the english word for “Blattlaus”?
    leaves lice ? :-)

  4. 4 vizzzual

    two weeks left, no correct answer … ;-)

  5. 5 Sauga

    Ahhhhhh, now I know, its easy:
    Its a macro-photo with orange background and something white in the middle. Is that right?

  6. 6 Arlene

    I guess I’ll find extra bucks in my account guys!! I think it’s “Daddy long legs” that has been severely mutilated!! (on top of an orange fabric background) I hope you didn’t have to kill this poor thing–just for us to guess it, or I’ll report you for endangering species, haha!

  7. 7 vizzzual

    Hey Arlene, thanks for attending. But it’s not a “Daddy long legs”. But yes, I killed this thing afterwards … ;-)

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