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Learning German with viZZZual dot com

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Lesson 1:

Das Leben ist zu kurz für mittelmäßige Filme.


Life’s too short for average movies.

I found this neat little sticker on an ATM (automated teller machine) at the Schwedenplatz. at the Schwedenplatz

Lesson 2:



ATM is my favourite website regarding movie reviews. If you want to know if it’s worth to watch a movie and you are tired of all the promo bullshit in the media, go to They don’t mince matters. This is the real deal! ;-)

Unfortunately it’s only in German. Bad luck for all of you who don’t speak it. Sorry!

By the way: Putting a sticker on an ATM could definitely get you in trouble (willful damage to property, contamination or the like). But who would take legal action against a small movie website for such a trifle? The bank? They would make themself very ridiculous.