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The last supper

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Another food shot. It’s just for my diary (“Dear diary …” ;-) ) to remember my dishes. The last one for a long time. I promise. *crossedfingers* :mrgreen:

pork, paprika, kidney beans, carrots and cucumber

Under the bridge

This is a station of the tramway 26 in Floridsdorf (Vienna). It’s below a railway bridge and normally it’s a bit dark there. On this shot, there were some sunlight reflections from a window at a nearby building. But there were no Red Hot Chili Peppers far and wide.

Tramway 26 in Floridsdorf

Under the bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers was one of my favourite songs when it was released (a long time ago back in school ;-) ). In the meantime I don’t like them that much anymore. Either my taste has changed or their music has become worse. Well, in fact both is true. :twisted:

It was a Psocoptera

No one answered this really simple question. ;-) Xenon was closest with his “leaves lice” (=greenfly) but it was not correct. That leaves EUR 20,- in my pocket. I just have to think about how to squander it. :mrgreen:

It is a “dust lice” (col.) or Psocoptera (explanation: English, German), probably Dorypteryx domestica. They are often found in new buildings (because of the remaining humidity in the concrete). The Psocoptera are absolutely harmless as professors at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, University of Vienna and University of Innsbruck told me. I sent them a macro picture and asked for a classification. It’s great to have some academics at hand when you need them. :twisted: