I used to be a mannequin

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Xenon asked how I created this image. Well, before I post an endless tutorial, I just show you a “before vs after” picture. The edit of the image is far from being perfect, but I made it very fast and didn’t take the time to work on the details. Excuses … ;-) There is definitely much room for improvement. Let’s see if I will eventually take the time to improve the image.

Before - After

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1 Response to “I used to be a mannequin”

  1. 1 Xenon

    well – good results…
    I nearly thought it was a scrennshot from
    the Sims part XIV :-)

    Hmmm…got to take more pictures myself too…
    I think, I´ve got a good eye for nice pictures, but missing often the skills (or the patience *gg*) to make them…

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