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Kaizers Orchestra

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Kaizers Orchestra – one of my favourite bands – played at the Arena this Thursday. Event though the gig was not as cool as the other ones I’ve seen them playing (2004 at the Szene Wien and I think in the same year at the Donauinselfest), this night was nevertheless great. At least with hindsight.

Same as Viva La Vega

During the concert I was a bit disappointed because I got the feeling that they always have exactly the same show and there’s no surprise anymore. I mean this was nearly exactly the same show as back in 2004 and as on their Live-DVD Viva La Vega. The only difference were some songs from their new album Maskineri which were deadly boring by the way. :evil:

Kaizers Orchestra - Arena Wien - 10.04.2008

Standing there amidst lots of people and watching the same show again really disappointed me. It was almost like a Déjà vu because I watched Viva La Vega the night before with Silke. But in retrospect I think that it was really worth going there.

Thanks #1

A big thank you goes out to my friend Birgit who was so kind to give me her supernumerary ticket. You’re the best! :) You should have stayed there longer to get a barrel too (read on!). :mrgreen:

Kaizers Orchestra - Arena Wien - 10.04.2008

Regarding the show I have to say that Kaizers Orchestra actually are doing it right. In IT-jargon we say: “Never touch a running system!” If it works, why change it? ;-) And a Kaizers Orchestra show definitely works. It may disappoint some to see the same show again and again but there will be even more people who will love it. And that’s for sure.

So it’s better to just relax and enjoy the gig. Do not try to analyze what could be changed. That’s pointless and destroys everything.

Kaizers Orchestra - Arena Wien - 10.04.2008

With hindsight the show was great and I really enjoyed it. At least with a little help of my good friend Schremser Bier. ;-)

Lee and Ina

Another positive fact of this evening was that I met an old friend with whom I used to go to university. Lee and his girlfriend Ina are really damn nice people. :-) When I told them that I have a Kaizers Orchestra oil barrel at home they were a bit jealous. ;-)

Oil Barrels

For all who don’t know this: Kaizers Orchestra have two empty oil barrels on stage during each and every show. They are using them as some kind of drums and hit it with jimmys and baseball bats. At the end of the show the barrels are dented and normally get thrown away.

After the show at the Szene Wien in 2004, my sweetheart had the idea to ask a Roadie if we can have one of the used oil barrels. Now we have one at home. ;-)

Thanks #2

And so have Lee and Ina because I organized one for them. Now they don’t have to be jealous any more. They have their own original Kaizers Orchestra oil barrel. Thanks for the great after-midnight-snack by the way and your balcony is great too! :)

Kaizers Orchestra - Arena Wien - 10.04.2008