John Chow drives a Skoda Octavia

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John Chow (the root of all evil) likes to tell us that he loves and drives fast sports cars.

But which car does John Chow really drive?

Here’s the proof that he’s not driving an expensive sports car but just a cheap car from Skoda (Czech automobile manufacturer), a Skoda Octavia.

John Chow\'s car

This is of course just a joke. The image was taken in the north of Vienna (Austria). The real John Chow lives in Canada. I don’t think that he owns a Skoda Octavia in Austria. But who knows? ;-)

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1 Response to “John Chow drives a Skoda Octavia”

  1. 1 John Chow

    I don’t even know what a Skoda is. They don’t sell it here. :)

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