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We’ve got the shoes of Elvis

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Elvis Aaron Presley used to live in Graceland. As he loved the place so much he decided to design a shoe collection with the name Graceland. It was a very big success and he made more money in selling shoes than with his music. Hardly anyone knows that but it’s true.

The Graceland Conspiracy

This was a big conspiracy between his record label, the FBI, CIA and NSA (I think even former US president Jimmy Carter was involved) as they didn’t want anyone to know that “the king” actually was selling shoes to make a living.

Graceland - the shoes of Elvis Presley


Later Elvis had to transfer all rights on his shoe collection to a german company named Deichmann. He was forced to emigrate to Nicaragua and had to change his name to Manuel Narciso Gonzales. The CIA is still watching every footstep of Elvis. Even though he is walking very slow as he is 73 by now.


Deichmann continued the production and the sale of Elvis’ Graceland shoes and you can still buy them till today. The CIA holds a share of 99.9 % on the company and uses most of the money to finance the military activities in Iraq.

WTF is Lady Di doing in Baghdad?

You can even buy a special edition of Graceland shoes in Baghdad. These shoes are equipped with a metal detector to detect land mines. An invention patronized by Lady Di who resides in the south of Baghdad to keep a watch on the current clearance sale of the shoes. She is the shareholder of the remaining 0.1 % of Deichmann. But this is a bit of a stretch …