Baby One More Time

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Damn, I did it one more time. I did not take a picture with a camera on this day. It already happened two times before: here and here

Interesting fact is that it always happened on a Monday and I always took at least one screenshot on these days. I do not take screenshots every day but it seems like the universe is watching over me and forces me to take screenshots on days like this. ;-) Thanks to my close friend U, I really appreciate it! :-)

The screenshot belongs to a sweepstake. If you want to enter the contest and win an Apple iPod touch and lots of other prices, you can do so by clicking here.

I had some fun in Photoshop with this screenshot:

Whirling a screenshot

After all I managed to take a photo on every day for the last 76 days (since February 12th). About 120 days so far this year and only three screenshots. That’s fairly ok. :-) And I managed to take a picture on every day of 2008 so far. So my Project 366 is still on its’ way.

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