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Mailüfterl at Stammersdorf (Vienna)

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We’ve been to the Mailüfterl today. This event is held by the KV Stammersdorf. Holy shit, everyone there was drunk. All but me of course … ;-) Just kidding …

Here are some impressions:

Tami: “This Rich prosecco tastes like urine.”

Maybe it was? ;-)


Karin, charming as ever. ;-)


Markus, the uncontested Master of Geoaching


Chin-wagging girls …

Tami, Karin, Tanja

Tami smoking

Here are the Easter Egg Knocking Champions Christoph …

Christoph - Easter Egg Knocking Champion

Christoph - Easter Egg Knocking Champion

… and Axel. Go and get yourself a fuckin’ Easter Egg Knocking Championship website finally so I can link to it. ;-)

Axel - Easter Egg Knocking Champion

Axel - Easter Egg Knocking Champion

Your proud host, Mr. ZZZ himself. I love my Canon EF 50mm 1.8 II. :mrgreen:

ZZZ himself

Thanks to all for this great evening at the Mailüfterl 2008. And thanks to Tami for having some drinks with me at the Escape and the hot-dog stand of course. 8-)