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Schweizerhaus and Wiener Prater

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After visiting the Wiener Kriminalmuseum we were hungry as a hunter (I almost bit into a mummy … ;-) ).  So we decided to go to the Schweizerhaus (info at Wikipedia).

Beer at the Schweizerhaus (Budweiser)

Eating at the Schweizerhaus

Eating at the Schweizerhaus

The Schweizerhaus is located in the Wurstelprater (amusement park/funfair). After lunch my mum wanted to go for a ride with the ghost train. ;-)

girl on a bench at the Wiener Wursteprater


On our way home:

Traffic light with 'graffiti'

Railway station Praterstern

Death is just the beginning

Mother’s Day. Spend some time with your mother, honor her and fulfill all her wishes.

Mine wanted to visit the Wiener Kriminalmuseum (Viennese museum of crime). Her wish is my command. ;-)


The Wiener Kriminalmuseum features the history of crime in the town of Vienna (Austria). A lot of crimes are shown there in detail. Police photos of the crime scene, murder weapons, skulls of the victims, mummified heads and so on. To make a long story short: A place of fun! :twisted:

mummified head

To be serious: The Wiener Kriminalmuseum is definitely not a place for highly sensitive people. But it’s also not that dreadful. If you don’t vomit during a horror film (I don’t know anyone who does), you can definitely go there. It’s very interesting.

Viennese Homicide

Oh yeah, this is definitely a wallpaper after my fancy. :mrgreen: You can download the Skull below at a resolution of 1600×1200 by clicking on the image.