Death is just the beginning

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Mother’s Day. Spend some time with your mother, honor her and fulfill all her wishes.

Mine wanted to visit the Wiener Kriminalmuseum (Viennese museum of crime). Her wish is my command. ;-)


The Wiener Kriminalmuseum features the history of crime in the town of Vienna (Austria). A lot of crimes are shown there in detail. Police photos of the crime scene, murder weapons, skulls of the victims, mummified heads and so on. To make a long story short: A place of fun! :twisted:

mummified head

To be serious: The Wiener Kriminalmuseum is definitely not a place for highly sensitive people. But it’s also not that dreadful. If you don’t vomit during a horror film (I don’t know anyone who does), you can definitely go there. It’s very interesting.

Viennese Homicide

Oh yeah, this is definitely a wallpaper after my fancy. :mrgreen: You can download the Skull below at a resolution of 1600×1200 by clicking on the image.


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7 Responses to “Death is just the beginning”

  1. 1 jamiegirl

    eigenartige wünsche hat hat deine mutter am muttertag –> kriminalmuseum =)

    da hab ich meine lieber zum grillen auf balkonien eingeladen =)

  2. 2 crazydevil

    haha…ur geile totenköpfe ;) so einen hätt ich auch gern zaus! ;)

  3. 3 vizzzual

    @jamiegirl: ja, so simma halt wir ZZZs. :mrgreen:

    @crazydevil: kannst ja mal hinschauen ins museum und einen fladern … :twisted:

  4. 4 Christoph

    nettes Portraitfoto *gg* :-)
    Na muss ich mir auch mal anschaun – schaut lustig aus.

  5. 5 vizzzual

    VERY interesting! :)

  6. 6 Christoph

    Weiterbildungsausflug? :-)
    (sorry my english is very poor – but I´m not from Vorarlberg *g*)

  7. 7 vizzzual

    You live and learn. ;-)

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