Innocent Smoothies hit Austria

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On 30th April I passed this green car in the 19th district of Vienna. Today I noticed the car again but in the 22nd district. It parked in front of my gym (Holmes Place) and it turned out that the company is doing a promotion of their smoothies there.

Innocent Smoothies - boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry ...


It’s a bit of a fortuity that I came across the same promo car twice. But it solved a “problem” I stated in the green car post:

I like smoothies a lot but don’t buy them every day as these drinks are very expensive …

The big advantage of a promo is that you get the products for free. ;-) So I had the opportunity to taste the Innocent Smoothie with blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, grapes, apples, bananas, oranges and a bit lemon juice (according to the ingredients noted on the bottle) at no cost.

Innocent Smoothies - boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry ...

It’s really yummy. If you are into smoothies and would like to try a new one, this one is for you. :-) What I really like about smoothies is the fact that they are not produced out of juice concentrates but out of pure fruits.

Orange juice or the like is almost always produced out of juice concentrates – even if stated “100 % pure orange juice” (read the text/ingredients carefully).

Smoothies are much fresher, taste better and contain whole fruits, not just the juice. Unfortunately they are more expensive too. :-(

Innocent Smoothies - boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry ...

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