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Hafen Wien Lobau

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A little trip with my bike on the Donauinsel. This is at the end (downstream) of the island.

Hafen Wien Lobau

Sunset at Hafen Wien Lobau

Watch out for Diablo

I already talked about Hack and slash games back in January. Here’s a wallpaper of one of my favourite characters of all these games, the DIABLO.

Free Desktop Wallpaper of Diablo

Click on the image below to get it at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 to use it as a wallpaper on your computer.

The Diablo (free desktop wallpaper)

When does Blizzard announce Diablo 3?

There are two parts (plus some add ons) of this game and I really hope that there will be a third part some time. Blizzard Entertainment made a perfect job with Diablo and Diablo II, I am sure Diablo III will be great too. If it will ever be released … ;-)

The Diablo

Damn hot bikini girls

It’s jinxed. On some days I hardly manage to get one bloody photo for my Project 366 and on other days it’s easy to post dozens of interesting pictures. Interesting for me at least because I don’t care if you find them interesting. ;-) Today is one of the days of the dozens.


I love girls in bikinis (which man doesn’t?). :mrgreen: Of course I prefer them in reality (= human beings), but they are interesting as mannequins too. Only a bit too perfect. That’s a downside and an advantage at the same time.

Mannequin with bikini

I had some pictures of mannequins before in the following posts:

Mannequin with sexy top

Smoothies again and again

Innocent Smoothies hit the shelves in Austrian supermarkets. Watch out for them all over Austria! :-)

Innocent Smoothies hit the shelves in Austria

There are four different tastes at the moment:

But it’s interesting that the products/tastes on the Austrian website of Innocent Smoothie are not exactly the same as in the shelves …