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Nova Rock 2008: Day 1

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Wind, wind, wind … Arriving at the Nova Rock festival started very windy. We (Mr. W and Mr. ZZZ) had some problems with pitching our tent (and some other’s who were not able to do it by themselves).

We joined some funny kids teenies and learned them a thing or two. ;-) Like opening a can of Ananas with a Leatherman … *g*

opening a can with ananas

Jürgen, the brother of Mr. W:

Die Ärzte or die

Some crazy folks:


The Penis Power Crew:

Penis Power Crew

the cow

Mr. W himself:

Mr. W

The following guy told me:

This is no flag, this is a giant condom.

the condom flag

blowing in the wind

We tried to fly:

try to fly ...

try to fly ...

Yeah baby, I know you want it but I’m taken. Sorry! ;-)

I know you want it ... ;-)

If you want to see some bands who played this day, head over to these Nova Rock photos where you can find pictures of NOFX, Mia., Ash, Hundred Reasons, Donots, Zox, Cavalera Conspiracy, Jonathan Davis (singer of Korn), Porcupine Tree, Volbeat and From Frist To Last.

Check out day 2 and day 3 of the Nova Rock 2008 too!

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