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Wallpaper of raindrops

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Again a wallpaper of raindrops on a window. We had that before. Two times. Or even more often? Make sure to check out all wallpapers.

If you don’t know it: Click on the image below to head over to my Flickr-account where you can download the image at a resolution of 1600 x 1200.


It’s wallpaper time again

It’s the shadow of this fruit basket.



Wow, what a great sunset with vapor trails over Leopoldsberg and Kahlenberg. Golden hour. Once again. ;-) So it’s nothing really special about this sunset and the picture.


But what’s really special and interesting is the fact that one of my Flickr contacts (-Sunny-) took almost the same picture at almost the same point in time. Check out her picture of this sunset. :-)

I wonder how many people in Vienna took a picture of this same scene at the same moment. This would be interesting to know.

Amélie Poulain

This is similar to the thoughts of Amélie in the movie The Fabulous Life of Amélie Poulain. She sits on the stairs below Sacré-Cœur and wonders how many couples have a climax at this moment. But she knows the answer (15) unlike me. I do not know how many people took a picture of this scene. I just know two people who did but not how many others … Maybe I should ask Amélie she’d know the answer. :mrgreen:

My new business card

Maybe I should start designing business cards for other people. Would you like your business card designed by me? Just contact me. - the visual ramblings of ZZZ

Breakfast at Café Cuadro

We really love to have breakfast at a fancy cafe. You don’t have the work with making coffee and preparing all the other stuff. Just sit down, have a look into the menu and order what you like. The waiter does the rest. And what I like the most: You don’t have to take care of the dirty dishes. :mrgreen:

Café Cuadro

The Café Cuadro is located in the 5th district of Vienna at the Margarethenplatz. It’s a nice cafe with a lovely outdoor area under a tree. They have a nice variety of breakfast menus and good coffee. So the products and the assortment are allright.

Unfortunately it’s more expensive than our favourite cafe (Caffè Latte) and the waiters are a bit strange or in other words a bit harsh. Next time we’ll have breakfast at the Caffè Latte again. Unless the Café Cuadro invites us for breakfast … :twisted:


tasty cereal

breakfast at Café Curado

at the 5th district of Vienna

next to Margarethenstrasse (Vienna)