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Cash Money by Dr. Alban

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Cash Money is a song by Dr. Alban from his most successful record One Love. I was very much into his music back in the 90s. And so was The Rocking Lion by the way. :mrgreen:

Despite my preference for metal music I really liked Dr. Alban’s music too. Sounds a bit crazy and maybe it is. ;-)

Last year I met Dr. Alban in person at one of his concerts here in Vienna. It was a great feeling to meet one of my favourite musicians in real life. :-)

As I noticed on his Wikipedia-page and on his official website, he has released a new record in 2007 (Back To Basics) and a new single in 2008 (I Love The 90′s) feat. Haddaway. Well, I don’t really like Haddaway’s music but I will check it out because it’s a Dr. Alban song.

Thanks to Dr. Alban for being part of my memories of the 90s! :)

The picture of the day in my Project 366 is dedicated to Cash Money by Dr. Alban.

Cash Money

Cash Money - 100 Euro Notes

Can you make use of this 100 Euro bills picture? Feel free to use it. You can download the image above at a resolution of 1600 x 2400 (just click on it). Just make sure to check out the Creative Commons licence under which it is released.

Railway station Heiligenstadt

heading north