Flowbrothers: We love the green veltleen

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Do you remember Lee and Ina? I talked about them three months ago in my Kaizers Orchestra concert post.

Flowbrothers party

Today we were invited to a Flowbrothers party which is normally held once a year. The Flowbrothers are a clique of people who call themselves Flowbrothers. I don’t know all the facts and reasons behind that but I think it’s a cool name, and that’s enough for me. ;-)

Lee – the Flowminister

Lee The Flowbrother

Lee is one of those “Flowbrothers”.  He invited me several times before to one of those famous parties but I never got took the time to join their party. This time we made it. :-)

Thanks a lot for the invitation and especially for the green veltleen ;-) and the great, great snacks and cakes.

Party on! :-)

David – part of the world famous Flowbrothers

David The Flowbrother

She’s one of the pharmacists ;-)

B&W Girl

The Girl Conspiracy

The Girl Conspiracy

The Snack

The Snack

Do you like the snack, Patrick? :-)

Eating Computer Science Student

He keeps the supplies coming.

Bring Me Some Beer

Flowbrothers Talk

Talking Flowbrother



Cash Money

Cash Money by the Simpsons

Schnaps for Mr. MA 2412 ;-)

Schnaps was his last word ...

Ina – she’s Ms. Sunshine …

Ina - funny as ever

… and one of the pharmacists.

Beware when she’s mixing you a drink … ;-)



Can you spot the similarities? ;-)

Sisters ...

Talking, drinking, having fun

Under The Screen

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3 Responses to “Flowbrothers: We love the green veltleen”

  1. 1 markus

    Nice greetings to Lee and his wonderful sunshine-girlfriend Ina. And of course to all the members of the flowbrothers too.

  2. 2 Christoph

    looks like a very cool party – exept that i am missing *lol*
    just kidding ;D
    Hope i can celebrate my birthday soon (never celebrated it “in time” since i was 12*g*) – and see you there…

  3. 3 vizzzual

    @markus: Thx, I told them that you visited “their” post. :)

    @Christoph: Of course it would have been even more fun with you! ;-) Yeah, would be cool, just tell me in time (about two months before the party ;-) ).

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