Does the fridge light go off when the door is closed?

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One of the oldest questions mankind has ever dared to ask. ;-)

Sure it does go off. At least that’s what I thought until today. But then I took a picture of the fridge light when the door is closed (self-timer) to prove my presumption and it turned out that the light DOES NOT go off in my fridge. It’s just dimmed. WTF?!

Compare the pictures below. Both were taken with the same shutter speed (1/350s) and aperture (2.8) so you’ll notice the difference.

Fridge light while the door is open

Lamp in fridge - open door

Fridge light while the door is closed

Lamp in fridge - closed door

What about your fridge? Does the light go off or is it just dimmed too?

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2 Responses to “Does the fridge light go off when the door is closed?”

  1. 1 Christoph

    Funny Idea :D

    Hm – it could be that the compensators of the fridge unload with the bulb … than it could be that the light is “dimmed” for some time.
    Another solution:
    The switch wich turn off the light is broke…

    I was curious, so i tried your idea with my fridge…
    mine is ok ^_^

  2. 2 Florian

    mine is ok too :)
    a mini climate test for my DSLR :)

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