Fantastic Four Comics from Modern Graphics in Berlin

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I’m a big fan of The Fantastic Four and am collecting a paperback serial of these four Marvel superheroes. 47 of these paperbacks have been published by Condor (german publisher) between 1979 and 1996. I already had several of them but decided to get all of them only recently.

My favourite comic book store in the 3rd  district of Vienna has some of these books in stock but they are extremely expensive there. :-( So I decided to try my luck in eBay. And I was lucky.

Modern Graphics sold the first 23 paperbacks of the serial for an adequate price. :) After buying them I got an e-mail from their team telling me that they mad a “mistake” in their auction. Instead of the first 23 books they are going to send me the first 25. :-) Thanks a lot Modern Graphics! :-)

Die Fantastischen Vier Comics - Modern Graphics Berlin

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