Passion4Fruit – the best fruits in the world

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Did you know that the fruits from the supermarket are harvested and packaged completely verdant? Then they are shipping through the world for several weeks until they arrive in Europe or the U.S. where they are riped artificially (gas). Finally you buy fruits which have never seen real sun light. :-(

I want fruits which are riped in the sun, taste like natural products and are full of vitamins! :evil:


At this point Passion4Fruit comes into play. This is a really great company located in Germany, Sri Lanka and in Thailand. They sell fruits which are really riped under natural conditions in real sun light, grow without fertilizer or other chemicals. The fruits are harvested, packaged and transported to Europe via airplane within two days.

The fruits are harvested on Tuesday e.g. and arrive at your doorstep on Thursday (Germany) or Friday (Austria).

And they taste way better than the fruits from the supermarket. Bananas for example: Everyone knows how supermarket bananas taste. Forget that crap. Try the different bananas from Passion4Fruit. It’s like comparing Skoda vs Ferrari. Don’t believe me? Passion4Fruit started their delivery from Thailand only recently and offers a special discount on shipping and handling at the moment.

And best of all: You get lots of fruits which are normally not or difficult to get in Europe. Did you ever hear of Salak, Guave Si Thong, Bael, Sapote Amarillo or Pitahaya before? Getting a parcel from Passion4Fruit is like opening a huge Kinder suprise egg. Only much better. And healthier.

Guave Si Thong



mangosteen from Passion4Fruit (Thailand)


Dragonfruit (Pitahaya)


dragonfruit - Passion4Fruit

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3 Responses to “Passion4Fruit – the best fruits in the world”

  1. 1 Christoph

    Well sounds nice – like you said – naturally riped fruits are way better (noticed that on facation in turkey)
    But like every pro has it cons you dont want to think about all the Co2 wich is produced to fly the fruits to europe…
    The Supertransporters wich transport the seafreight aren´t enviroment-angels too, but a *bit* better then freightplanes…

    But a bit of Luxury from time to time cant be that wrong.
    (sorry for my bad english – but waidhofen is simply to small for a big gorbach like me ;-) )

  2. 2 vizzzual

    Personally I don’t care about all this Co2 stuff. So what! :twisted: Passion4Fruit is not transporting the fruits in freightplanes but in passenger planes. They answer all your questions related to your concerns here:

  3. 3 Florian

    sounds good, but 6kg minimun parcel weigth is quite a lot
    interessting für one try, but much more enviroment pollution compared to ship transports
    are there any interessted people in waidhofen for one try?

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