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Breakfast at Café Cuadro

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We really love to have breakfast at a fancy cafe. You don’t have the work with making coffee and preparing all the other stuff. Just sit down, have a look into the menu and order what you like. The waiter does the rest. And what I like the most: You don’t have to take care of the dirty dishes. :mrgreen:

Café Cuadro

The Café Cuadro is located in the 5th district of Vienna at the Margarethenplatz. It’s a nice cafe with a lovely outdoor area under a tree. They have a nice variety of breakfast menus and good coffee. So the products and the assortment are allright.

Unfortunately it’s more expensive than our favourite cafe (Caffè Latte) and the waiters are a bit strange or in other words a bit harsh. Next time we’ll have breakfast at the Caffè Latte again. Unless the Café Cuadro invites us for breakfast … :twisted:


tasty cereal

breakfast at Café Curado

at the 5th district of Vienna

next to Margarethenstrasse (Vienna)