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Dragonfruit (Pitahaya)

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Yesterday I told you about the delicious fruits we order from Passion4Fruit. Today we ate the dragonfruit.

How to eat a dragonfruit

That’s easy. Just cut it into halves and spoon it out. Tastes great! :)

After cutting it, the fruit made me think of a drink I tasted back in December 2000 when I’ve been to the Philippines. The drink contained lots of these little black seeds and tasted great too. I didn’t realize back then that it was a dragonfruit drink. Almost eight years later I figured it out. ;-)


two dragonfruits

Passion4Fruit – the best fruits in the world

Did you know that the fruits from the supermarket are harvested and packaged completely verdant? Then they are shipping through the world for several weeks until they arrive in Europe or the U.S. where they are riped artificially (gas). Finally you buy fruits which have never seen real sun light. :-(

I want fruits which are riped in the sun, taste like natural products and are full of vitamins! :evil:


At this point Passion4Fruit comes into play. This is a really great company located in Germany, Sri Lanka and in Thailand. They sell fruits which are really riped under natural conditions in real sun light, grow without fertilizer or other chemicals. The fruits are harvested, packaged and transported to Europe via airplane within two days.

The fruits are harvested on Tuesday e.g. and arrive at your doorstep on Thursday (Germany) or Friday (Austria).

And they taste way better than the fruits from the supermarket. Bananas for example: Everyone knows how supermarket bananas taste. Forget that crap. Try the different bananas from Passion4Fruit. It’s like comparing Skoda vs Ferrari. Don’t believe me? Passion4Fruit started their delivery from Thailand only recently and offers a special discount on shipping and handling at the moment.

And best of all: You get lots of fruits which are normally not or difficult to get in Europe. Did you ever hear of Salak, Guave Si Thong, Bael, Sapote Amarillo or Pitahaya before? Getting a parcel from Passion4Fruit is like opening a huge Kinder suprise egg. Only much better. And healthier.

Guave Si Thong



mangosteen from Passion4Fruit (Thailand)


Dragonfruit (Pitahaya)


dragonfruit - Passion4Fruit

Fantastic Four Comics from Modern Graphics in Berlin

I’m a big fan of The Fantastic Four and am collecting a paperback serial of these four Marvel superheroes. 47 of these paperbacks have been published by Condor (german publisher) between 1979 and 1996. I already had several of them but decided to get all of them only recently.

My favourite comic book store in the 3rd  district of Vienna has some of these books in stock but they are extremely expensive there. :-( So I decided to try my luck in eBay. And I was lucky.

Modern Graphics sold the first 23 paperbacks of the serial for an adequate price. :) After buying them I got an e-mail from their team telling me that they mad a “mistake” in their auction. Instead of the first 23 books they are going to send me the first 25. :-) Thanks a lot Modern Graphics! :-)

Die Fantastischen Vier Comics - Modern Graphics Berlin

Does the fridge light go off when the door is closed?

One of the oldest questions mankind has ever dared to ask. ;-)

Sure it does go off. At least that’s what I thought until today. But then I took a picture of the fridge light when the door is closed (self-timer) to prove my presumption and it turned out that the light DOES NOT go off in my fridge. It’s just dimmed. WTF?!

Compare the pictures below. Both were taken with the same shutter speed (1/350s) and aperture (2.8) so you’ll notice the difference.

Fridge light while the door is open

Lamp in fridge - open door

Fridge light while the door is closed

Lamp in fridge - closed door

What about your fridge? Does the light go off or is it just dimmed too?

Dinner at the Pony See

We had dinner at the Pony See to celebrate the birthday of my sweetheart’s grandfather.

Table to be prepared

Her grandma prepared a really tasty meal. :-) Gina was waiting to get some leftovers …

Gina waiting ...


Wallpaper of my dinner (pasta salad)

Long time no wallpaper, so here’s one again. The picture below is 6 Megapixel in size (3000 x 2000 pixel) and should fit nearly every desktop resolution. Click on it to download it from Flickr. You can use it for whatever you want, not just for a wallpaper. Just make sure to follow the Creative Commons licence.

pasta salad - free 6 Megapixel image

pasta salad