Life, Aging and … used one of my pictures

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Since I changed the license for nearly all of my pictures in Flickr to Creative Commons (here’s the license in detail), a lot of websites have used my pictures for their projects.

All you have to do to use my pictures is to give me the credits and link back to the original file at my Flickr account. Just make sure that the image is really licensed under Creative Commons as I did not change the license for my pictures of people (portraits and the like). These are still full copyright protected (all rights reserved to me) and it’s not allowed to use them without my written aggreement – before usage of course.

Life, Aging and … used my picture of a fork for one of their articles and gave me the credits for the picture by linking back to the original. :-)

Thanks folks, nice blog! :) useder one of my pictures :)

And by the way: A lot of other websites allready used my pictures. Just google for and check out some of the results.

Some examples:

And yeah, there’s no picture taken with my camera today. This is a screenshot as I forgot to take a camera picture. Once again. It happend before here, here and here. Today was the fourth time. Well that’s quite ok as it’s the 238th day of the year and I managed to take a picture with my cameras on 234 days.

And I’m still within my rules for Project 366. :mrgreen:

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4 Responses to “Life, Aging and … used one of my pictures”

  1. 1 Judith

    It is my website, above, that used the image. Thank you for putting your photos in the Creative Commons so that blogs can use them. It is much appreciated.

    I really like your photos. You have a wonderful eye.

  2. 2 markus

    Now you have done it. You are a famous fotographer. I’m glade to call you a friend of mine!! ;)

  3. 3 Xenon

    Well maybe this way is the best way to “make your name”.
    All in all your project is a great idea
    keep up the good work!

  4. 4 vizzzual

    Thanks folks for your comments! :) Judith, you’re welcome! :)

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