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Oktoberfest and Stargate Premium Series III

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Two events on one evening

First we went to the Wiener Stadthalle to an Oktoberfest clone of the chamber of commerce.


Later we went to the Stargate Premium Series III, a house clubbing with DJs like Fedde le Grand at the new in the Gasometer.

Beer prices in Vienna

The event was reasonably okay but the prices for drinks were crazy. EUR 4.30 for 0.33 litres of beer is insane. That’s EUR 6.52 for 0,5 litres. That’s even more expensive than at the Euro 2008 (EUR 4.50) but still cheaper than at St. Mark’s Square in Venice (EUR 12.-). ;-) The beer prices at the Oktoberfest (Wiener Stadthalle) were a bargain compared to this Premium Series III lunacy: EUR 2.50 for 0.5 litres.

For all who forgot it: The regular beer price in the city centre of Vienna is about EUR 3.50 for 0.5 litres.

By the way: At the original Oktoberfest in Munich you get 1 litre of beer for about EUR 8.30 (2008). Maybe we’ll visit the Oktoberfest next year. Let’s see …

prices for drinks at the Stargate Premium Series III (Vienna, @ Gasometer)

Stargate Premium Series III