Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour in Vienna

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Madonna played at the Donauinsel today

Madonna should have named her tour “Crappy & Grim” as the quality of the music and her singing was just that: Crap. The visual show was great but the music was crappy crap. Mostly. Well, actually the visual show tried to compensate the bad music. Sometimes it almost tried too hard.

Don’t get me wrong: Madonna’s music sounds great on her albums and I like a lot of her songs but she destroyed her own classics by covering herself and implementing disturbing and unsuitable elements. Imagine “Like a prayer” with hip hop and house elements to (try to) give the song a touch of 2008 (it was originally recorded in 1988) and try not to vomit. I almost did. :-(

The good thing is: I “just” :-( paid about EUR 100.- for my standing place ticket. Others paid about EUR 300.- for a seat and had to listen to the same crap. I got my piece of the crap for a bargain. This is heavy sarcasm just in case you didn’t notice.

But this is of course my personal opinion. And of others I talked to. And read about. And heard about.

And by the way: It seems like everyone and his dog is complaining about rising gas and food prices. But there were tens of thousands of people at the Madonna show. The gallery was full (remember: EUR 300.- seats)!

If you can afford to spend money for crap like this: Stop complaining about rising prices you stupid!

Beer prices

The beer price was surprisingly low (at least compared to this insanity): EUR 4.- for 0.5 litres

Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour

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