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Bomba Energy vs Black Jack

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This is a totally unpaid surreptitious advertising for Bomba Energy and Black Jack Cola. I like Bomba because of the cool bottle :twisted: and Black Jack because of it’s marketing campaign and the nice wallpapers on their website. :mrgreen:




Black Jack Cola

Black Jack Cola

Black Jack Cola


Die you f…in’ bastard! :evil:

bloody bastard


it's in the blood




Free poster from PosterXXL

Did I tell you that I love Trigami? ;-) Three weeks ago I got an almost free wallpaper from JuicyWalls and today I got a totally free poster from PosterXXL. PosterXXL even paid the shipping costs. Thanks!

You can still win the wallpaper from JuicyWalls by the way. At the moment, Xenon is the only one who attended the contest so far. Just leave your comment on this page and you’re in the game.

The picture I sent to PosterXXL for the poster print is my photo of a Hydrangea Hortensia. It was printed in 80 x 60 cm and looks really great. I wanted to start a contest for this one too but my sweetheart told me she wants to keep the poster for ourselves because it looks too good to give it away. Bad luck for you folks, sorry! ;-) But you can easily get your own free 40 x 30 cm poster:

Free 40 x 30 poster from PosterXXL

The generous folks from PosterXXL gave me a link especially for you my dear reader where you can order a free 40 x 30 poster. You just have to pay the shipping costs (EUR 5,90) to get the poster. Click here to get your (almost) free poster!

parcel from PosterXXL

It's in there #1

It's in there #2

packaged Poster

Poster 80x60 by ZZZ and PosterXXL

Poster 80x60 by ZZZ and PosterXXL

Tasty roast venison

roast venison

roast venison