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Austria vs Serbia

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Austria played against Serbia (soccer) today at the Ernst-Happel Stadium. We lost 1:3. :( It was the qualifying for the FIFA World Cup 2010. Seems like it takes place without Austria. Once again. :-(

Serbian Three finger salute (tri prsta)

A lot of Serbians made a three-finger salute this evening and I wondered what it means. Check out the Wikipedia-article about the “tri prsta” if you want to know the meaning.

Panorama of the Ernst-Happel Stadium (8,981 x 1,815 pixel | 16 Megapixel)

Before the match I took several pictures of the stadium to merge them in Photoshop. Click on the picture below to get the full picture. Check out my other merged photos here, here, here and here.

Austria vs Serbia | Panorama: 8981 x 1815