the miracle bag

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I have the feeling there’s something fishy about the Ö3 miracle bag (Ö3 Wundertüte). And it’s very rare that my feelings let me down.


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2 Responses to “the miracle bag”

  1. 1 Xenon

    Well i think that this project is pushed by the Cellphonecompanies like nokia, motorola etc…
    Just think:
    Old mobiles, wich could be used by -for example- other family members etc. will be “taken out of business”
    Less old mobiles -> more new mobiles needed for the market.
    Sure, they are getting recycled and there is also a social idea behind it, but selling more new mobiles is a nice side effect for the Companies.
    But well – it´s just my theory…
    maybe it´s just BS like many others :-)

  2. 2 vizzzual

    And someone is pocketing a big check for this. I’m sure there’s some kind of cronyism behind it. The social idea is the official version to get the people to “donate” their mobilephones and behind the scenes someone is laughing up his sleeve. Who controls if really a social organization and/or someone needy/poor gets any money/advantage out of this?

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